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Natural Acne Remedies

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Acne is a skin condition that individuals of all ages are affected with on a daily basis, which is why there is such a huge portion of the skin care market focus on this issue.

Burdock Root, A Natural Acne Treatment: Part 2

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Acne displays itself on the face, back and neck. Acne doesn’t start on the face, neck or back though. The basis of this begins inside the human body.

Burdock Root, A Natural Acne Treatment: Part 1

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Burdock root is used in food and beverages, and as a medicine. Most popular as a cuisine in Asia, the roots are mingled with other vegetables and sauces and happily eaten, but seems to work as a natural acne cure also.