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Dont Ignore These 4 Acne Causes Unless You Dont Care

Sunday, December 7th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

Admit it, acne can turn your life upside down. The causes are as diverse as the acne sufferers themselves and it is the most common skin disorder that has no cure. For those who are long time sufferers of chronic acne, you know that frequent out breaks can affect physical appearance, lower self esteem and impact both social and professional life. As dismal as is it sounds, acne sufferers need to understand the causes of their acne and more specifically need to be identify effective treatment for their acne.

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How Acne Becomes A Problem?

Acne flare ups occur when oil glands trap dirt, grime and bacteria in your pours thereby clogging them up and creating acne flare ups. This happens when the clogged pores turn into pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts or lesions.The appearance of acne vary and can look different but there are at least 4 acne causes that can be identified. Here they are:


Because of ones heredity one is unable to change or alter these characteristics. By following your dermatologist recommended treatments you will be able manage and eventually control your acne problem. Even though you will have to change your existing condition you will still live a normal healthy lifestyle.

Affects of Changing Hormones

Hormone levels can be regulated in women by the use of birth control pills. For teenagers and young adults, avoiding specific foods like sugar and white flour will help reduce insulin levels that affect hormones.

Diet Changes Can Have Positive Affects

If you change your diet by avoiding caffeine, processed foods, carbonated beverages, pasta and fatty foods and start drinking plenty of fresh water, eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods, you can dramatically impact your skin. This is how you control your acne problems.

Affect Your Acne Condition By Stress Control

You can manage the affects of your acne by controlling your stress. With the stress from work, your boss, relationships or time commitments interfere in your life, you will get better results from trying relaxation methods and excercise to reduce your stress. Alternative methods such as yoga,visualization, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy will reduce your stress and outbreaks of acne.

Acne Treatments

What if treatments like following a healthy diet, managing stress, trying to get proper amounts of rest, staying out of the suns or maintaining a skin care program fail to improve ones acne? Then it is recommended to try professional help.Oral or topical medications can be recommended by your dermatologist. With antibiotics or retinoids both these choices are the more successful acne treatments. For reducing or slowing down acne, cosmetic treatments such as facials, dermabraion or laser treatments can be effective.

Does Acne Change With Time?

Unlike anything, over time your acne can change. If you are an adult now and you’ve noticed that your current  treatment isn’t working, it is best to see your dermatologist to help you find a different treatment now that you are older. Even though there is no acne cure, you must not stop your treatments but keep up to date for new treatments.

Temporary Solution With Fast Results

If there are no other alternatives, then Accutrane should be prescribed. Accutane medication, considered as a quasi-cure for acne, has a history of side effects that could be life threatening. Moreover there are excellent results with over 60% success. The side effects include severe depression and birth defects. With that in mind, you should consult your doctor to see if you are eligible to use this controversial medicine.

Although this can sound like a gloomy reality for those who are having a hard time controlling there acne can still live a normal life. The important point is to learn about acne. Understand what causes acne? Discover what effective treatments are available and keep up to date on what the future hold for a cure.

Any one that has suffered a long time with chronic acne can tell you that with frequent break outs, it can affect your daily life by pulling your spirits down.

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