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Acne Rosacea Treatment and Advice

Monday, September 14th, 2009    Subscribe To Our Feed

Acne seems to be a right of passage for most teenagers, but most of them do eventually grow out of it.  For many adults, though, the condition known as acne rosacea (or just rosacea) may occur on their face, making them think they have gone back to their teenage years and are once again suffering from acne.

What is acne rosacea?

So what exactly is acne rosacea?Whilst appearing to be acne, acne rosacea is actually a distinctly different skin condition.Red or pink patches on the face is perhaps the most common symptom of rosacea.Seemingly broken, small blood vessels will be visible just beneath the surface of the skin, eyes could have a pink appearance about them.The surface of the skin will have obvious, small red bumps which could well be tender to the touch.It’s also quite common for a number of red cysts to develop on the skin surface.Unfortunately, they are very easily irritated and can become quite painful to touch.

Treatment may not be required in mild rosacea cases. Just keeping the face, as much as possible, free of bacteria by normal cleansing may be enough.More severe cases could need a stronger treatment, fortunately many such acne rosacea medicines now exist.

What are the main options for the treatment of acne rosacea?

Fortunately, choices are available for your acne rosacea treatment, both over the counter and prescription treatments.Don’t worry if your usual anti-acne over the counter treatment isn’t working too well. When appropriate, your doctor will prescribe a stronger type of acne rosacea treatment.

Here are some examples of the types of acne rosacea treatment choices your doctor might recommend:

Topical antibiotic cream – Any number of topical antibiotic creams have proven to be effective against rosacea, including metronidazole, erythromycin, clindamycin, and azelaic acid.Combining some of these antibiotics has proved beneficial to some patients.

Antibiotic pills – A simple and usually effective acne rosacea treatment is the oral antibiotic pill.Tetracycline, amoxicillin, doxycycline and minocycline are amonst the most commonly used medicines.

Light therapy – Is quickly becoming a favourite acne rosacea treatment for more and more patients.  Lasers and/or intense light pulses are the most common kinds of light therapy; they are generally used during a series of treatments that occur every three to six weeks or so. 

How to choose the correct acne rosacea treatment

So how should you decide on the right acne rosacea treatment?  The answer to that question depends very much on how severe your rosacea is and how much it is bothering you.Important questions to ask are, how noticeable is the rosacea? How much of an issue is it? If it’s hardly noticeable and honestly not an issue, then normal skin cleansing with a mild face wash will be your best acne rosacea treatment.

You should be prepared to visit your doctor or dermatologist for a professional evaluation if your rosacea is more severe.Your treatment will be recommended on the basis of this evaluation.  And if that initial regimen is not entirely effective you will be able to move to other treatments easily until it gets under control.

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