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Laser treatment to remove acne

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009    Subscribe To Our Feed

People are not interested in knowing about treatment methods that take a long period of time to give results. Everyone these days,is looking for quick fixes for their problems. Among other disorders,the list also includes acne. The problem with Acne though is – This disorder deals with your skin, and thus any quick fix taken without giving due consideration to your skin texture could have disastrous results.

Laser surgeries have for some time now, been considered popular due to their effectiveness and the fast response time. Can they be used for treating Acne? Yes,of course! In fact, for some years now, doctors have been prescribing Laser treatment to patients after investigating them and analyzing their medical condition.

High energy radiation pulses emitted by laser rays burn the follicle sacs,from where the hair grows. It also burns away the oil-producing glands. By doing these two things, it helps in cutting off any supply of microorganisms for the formation of Acne, as a result of which you can easily avoid the formation of Acne.

The only concern though is how the skin would react to these high energy pulses. In some cases,it was seen that patient's skin was adversely affected by the laser rays. Long term dryness is observed on the skin of the patients. Hyper pigmented maculae or dark spots are also caused on the skin due to the use of Laser.

Because it is a very expensive method,very few people go in for laser treatment. Apart from these minus points, on the whole, Laser treatment is quite effective in curing Acne. Success rate has for this treatment has been considerably high.

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